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When talking with sales and go-to-market leaders in customer-facing businesses, we’ve heard their challenges are often around knowing the effectiveness of their current sales process and how it relates to their sales velocity.

They regularly feel frustrated with the lack of accuracy around their pipeline growth and forecasted numbers; not to mention forecasting accuracy..

They tell us their teams have been trained on a particular sales methodology or qualification framework – for example Value Selling or MEDDICC – yet they feel like their teams apply around a third of what is required. In reality it’s closer to 20%

After 17 years of working in People Development,
Sales Enablement and Coaching,
we understand that

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to training

One coaching session won’t undo years of limiting beliefs

One training topic doesn’t always help solve for a particular problem

One workshop in silo won’t impact performance

One duplicated approach doesn’t always generate revenue in different companies

One lane isn’t always going to get you to your destination

With that in mind, our focus problem-solving areas include

Enhancing your GTM Sales Process for Impact

How impactful is your current sales process?

Are you struggling to understand where and how your deals are getting stuck or slipping?

Are you frustrated with inconsistent pipeline & forecasting?

Talk to us about how a Sales Process Audit can help.

After doing some deep discovery into how your sales process and ICP buyer journey works, we will work with you and core members of your team to identify where things are working well (so you can do that stuff more consistently) and provide suggested enhancements that will bridge any gaps that we find.

These deliverables can be handled by us, working in conjunction with your existing Sales, Revenue and Operational teams – or can be given to your teams to work on in-house.

The world of Sales continues to evolve. 

With more people being involved in important business purchases (accounting to Gartner, the average number of decision makers is anything from 7 in a mid size business to between 10 and 15 in an enterprise organisation) your sellers need to adapt their approach and multi-thread with authenticity and relevance. 

Speaking with Sales Leaders and GTM Executives during the last 12 months, we’ve heard that they’ve experienced:

  • Prolonged Sales Cycles: Are extended decision-making processes and complex buying journeys contributing to delays in closing deals?
  • Organisational Complexity: Has navigating hierarchies and multiple stakeholders within your prospects caused communication bottlenecks and hindered decision-making processes?
  • Evolving Buyer Behaviours: Has a rapid change within your buyer preferences and behaviours meant your sales teams have struggled to constantly adapt their strategies and stay relevant?
  • Intense Market Competition: Has fierce competition made it challenging for your teams to differentiate their offerings and close deals without margin-slashing and giving discounts?

Do any of these challenges sound familiar to you? 

Let us help your sales teams work smarter by speaking the same language as your prospects, solving their important strategic problems and removing their pains.

Improving Sales Team Effectiveness

Developing Leadership Teams

We all know and appreciate the world of work has changed and whether you are fully returned to the office, hybrid or remote organisation, we know your leaders will be faced with many challenges as part of their day to day responsibilities.

So if you want to empower them with skills to effectively lead a hybrid team?

Maybe you’re looking to transform your more transactional managers into strategic leaders?

Are you keen to foster a growth culture which includes peer learning and coaching but not sure how to get your leaders involved…

Or do you have a number of new or inexperienced leaders at the helm who need some guidance as to what good looks like. 

If you’re ready to move away from micro-management and empower your leaders with structures and strategies to help them lead from wherever they are, we can help!

Remote and distributed workforces can come with massive benefits and also challenges too.

We can find ourselves working across multiple timezones, juggling many tasks, delivering upon our core responsibilities aswell as supporting other projects.

With more of us now wearing multiple hats within our roles, this can bring conflicting priorities.

Having experienced burnout we know first hand how this makes you feel – physically and mentally. We want to help you banish that burnout for good. So if any of the following sound and feel familiar, and you answer YES to more than one of the below, hit the contact button to find out how we can help.

Are your teams experiencing what they feel is an overwhelming workload: This could mean heavy workloads, unrealistic expectations, and tight deadlines, making it difficult to maintain efficiency?

Are you feeling a lack of work-life balance: Is there an insufficient separation between professional and personal life which is contributing to fatigue and reduced productivity over time?

Have you heard a sentiment of limited support and recognition: Do team members feel a lack of acknowledgment of effort and insufficient support from management that’s leading to feelings of burnout and decreased motivation?

Are your Leader expectations clear, or clear as mud: Are your leaders providing ambiguous goals, role expectations and constantly shifting priorities that are contributing to stress and inefficiency?

Reducing Burnout to become less Stressed

Delivering Presentations With Impact

Are your presentations hitting the mark? Not sure… ask yourself:

  • Are you struggling to effectively prepare your message with the time you have?
  • Are you getting stuck when trying to talk in the other person’s language? 
  • Do you find it difficult to craft an impactful and effective agenda?
  • Are your sales presentations not converting into sales?
  • Do your demos talk about product features or customer value?

If your customer sales meetings lack reaction and call to action, we can help you deliver your message with impact.

Illuminating Potential. 

Shining a Light on Peak Performance and Productivity.

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