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Are your sales team losing business through poorly-qualified opportunities?
Do you find your team talks more about features and functions and not enough about pains you solve and value you bring?
Have you rolled out the MEDDICC framework but are struggling to get the team to implement it?
Are you a new leader who is feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to “lead”?
Does your team feel disconnected and discombobulated through recent changes, reorgs or from working in a remote or hybrid environment?

Meet Samantha Lancashire

Sam is a high performing training leader, mentor, productivity & mindset coach, and No.1 best-selling author on a mission. Passionate about using her knowledge and experience to facilitate ‘Lightbulb Moments’ for people in need of a breakthrough – for many different reasons.

From the leader who isn’t quite getting through to their team, to the Account Executives and Sellers failing to hit sales targets, to those suffering imposter syndrome and self-sabotaging their success, to the workaholics who are burning out and overwhelmed – she has helped them all….as she has been them all.

That is her why behind Creating Lightbulb Moments. She knows first hand the struggles of winning in business and challenges that come with leading teams in business. She understands the mindset required to consistently show up as a high-flyer and has felt the sinking feeling when things haven’t gone to plan.

Resilience, mindset and attitude are all just as important as skills, framework and cadences. This is why coaching and mentoring are integral recommendations as part of any program, masterclass or collateral delivered.

Help is at hand

Her Why

Sam has one mission
to leave people
(and your business)
better than she found them!

After 12 years of professional development and 16 years in highly competitive work environments Samantha, a highly trained and qualified coach, is now providing clarity for others. Partnering to create ‘Lightbulb Moments’ which enable people to see through a different lens, so they can be better leaders or performers at work, or be happier in their lives overall. Prior to Learning and Enablement, her experience spans Retail, Recruitment, B2C and B2B Sales; working with the likes of Apple, VMware, Stripe & AppDynamicsCisco.

Samantha has travelled the world to train, enable & coach within organisations close to home in UK & Ireland and further afield across Australia, Singapore, India, China, Middle East and America. Her core focus areas have been supporting Sales and Go To Market teams; which has included Customer Service, Customer Success, SE / Presales Engineers and Technical Support.
She has been a trusted business partner within the European (EMEA) region – from MENA to DACH; Northern to Southern Europe – supporting their regional teams, experiencing a variety of different leadership styles, language barriers and cultures along the way.

Our values

People First

Our goal is to empower people with the mindset, skills and frameworks they need to be at their very best. To light up their potential. Creating their own Lightbulb Moments along the way.

Outcome Driven

We don’t focus on what you want you and your team to learn… we focus on what you want to do differently. Mapping to your business needs, your personal goals and Replacing role-play with real-play to create real impact!

Customer Champions

Championing your success means we can be more successful together. You win, we win! We go the extra mile to ensure any materials, workshops and coaching talk your language, align with your strategy and do more of what will make you more impactful.


Being accountable to you on our deliverables is our number one priority. Helping and supporting your teams and leaders be accountable after our engagement is the key to your success. That’s why we offer follow-up group sessions and coaching workshops as part of our training and enablement strategy.

Illuminating Potential. 

Shining a Light on Peak Performance and Productivity.

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