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“The Awakened Warrior Toolkit”

The Awakened Warrior Toolkit brings together the insights, expert learnings and wisdom that the 10 collaborating authors discovered along their journeys of Awakening to finding their authentic selves, and ultimate life paths. Each has a professional background; from coaches, teachers, and leaders in the corporate space, to holistic and spiritual healers.
• Discover how your biggest breakdowns can lead to your greatest breakthroughs.
• Shift from feeling out of control in life, to having the courage and confidence to trust the process.
• Ignite, or even reignite, spiritual beliefs, practices and rituals that have been hiding in your spiritual closet.
• Feel a profound sense of freedom to be yourself, trust yourself, and know you are powerful beyond measure.

Illuminating Potential. 

Shining a Light on Peak Performance and Productivity.

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